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  • Level 2 Plasterer

  • 18 month programme 

    Who is it suitable for?

    Plastering provides a learner the opportunity to progress from beginner to advanced level plastering. It provides recognition of the knowledge and skills needed to work in this area of the construction field. Level 2 is ideal if you have some working knowledge of plastering - probably from taking a lower level of qualification, or working under supervision in the industry. You want recognition for your skills, giving you the chance to take on more responsibility. This qualification will enable that, particularly if taken as part of an Apprenticeship.

    Our qualifications are aimed at people wishing to learn some skills in plastering, to progress on to becoming skilled in their chosen trade, or to progress through an apprenticeship and work towards becoming a master craftsman.

    The broad purpose of this occupation is to apply layers of plaster onto walls, floors and ceilings. Plastering serves a protective function, in that it makes buildings more robust and also an aesthetic function. Plasterers will often complete dry lining projects during their career. Although a person may specialise solely in dry lining, a plasterer must have the knowledge of dry lining in addition to their knowledge and skills to plaster.

    The occupation covered by this apprenticeship standard is for a Plasterer that will specialise in either Solid or Fibrous plaster work after undertaking the core learning (which includes introductory elements of both solid and fibrous plastering).

    What’s involved?
    Level 2 Diploma in Plastering

    This is a combined qualification and therefore involves a combination of demonstrating practical skills in a real working environment as well as understanding the knowledge and principles of the sector. Candidates will complete the following mandatory units along with a selection of optional units, chosen to match their specific job role:

    • Apply plastering materials to interiors
    • Fix dry lining and plasterboards to interiors
    • Lay sand and cement screeds
    • Apply plastering materials to external backgrounds
    • Produce reverse moulds for fibrous work
    • Cast and fix fibrous plasterwork