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  • Beauty Level 1

  • This qualification is designed for learners starting out in the Hair and Beauty sector who want a basic understanding of the industry and who want to prepare for further learning or training. The Level 1 Diploma covers a broad range of skills including those relating to roles across Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Nails and Media Make-up.

    This qualification is ideal for learners who want to experience a range of different introductory skills across the sector. Learners have the choice of different optional units across the hair and beauty industries enabling them to make a decision about which industry they would like to progress into. It allows you the learners to the choice of optional units as a taster across the hair and beauty industries.

    3001-77 Level 1 Diploma in Hair & Beauty (Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy) (International) 600/2753/8

    Learners must achieve 42 credits overall - 11 credits from the four mandatory units and a minimum of 31 credits from the optional units available. City & Guilds unit number Unit title Level Credit value Guided learning hours

    Mandatory Unit 101 Introduction to the Hair and Beauty Sector 1 3 30

    Unit 102 Presenting a Professional Image in a Salon 1 3 30

    Unit 113 Follow health and safety in the salon 1 3 30

    Unit 115 Working with others 1 2 19

    Optional Unit

    Unit 003 Shampoo and Conditioning Entry 3

    Unit 004 Hair Plaiting* Entry 3

    Unit 005 Create an Image using Colour in the Hair and Beauty Sector Entry 3

    Unit 006 Skin Care Entry 3 3 30 Unit 007 Hand Care**** Entry 3

    Unit 103 Styling Women’s Hair

    Unit 104 Styling Men’s Hair

    Unit 105 Plaiting and Twisting hair* 1

    Unit 106 Applying Basic Make-up 1

    Unit 107 Themed Face Painting 1

    Unit 108 Nail Art*** 1

    Unit 109 Providing Basic Manicure Treatments**** 1

    Unit 110 Providing Basic Pedicure Treatments 1

    Unit 111 Colour hair using temporary colour** 1

    Unit 112 Create a hair and beauty image 1

    Unit 114 Salon reception duties 1

    *Only one of these units can be selected as part of the same qualification **Only one of these units can be selected as part of the same qualification ***Only one of these units can be selected as part of the same qualification ****Only one of these units can be selected as part of the same qualification

    Course duration approximately week’s full time equivalent.

    (Please speak with an advisor for current attendance options)

    Delivery method A mixture of prior home study, classroom revision and workshop practical training and assessments.

    Assessment methods online multiple choice tests, practical and written assessments.

    Entry requirements Candidates must be able to demonstrate good customer service

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